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On completion of their school education, some students seek admission into colleges or universities of their choice to do their graduation courses in an institution that will open up newer horizons for them and get them ready to face the future and travel the world. Here at the primecollege website, we try our best to help and guide students to find an institution of their choice, provide an answer to all of their questions about the best possible colleges and universities that could provide them with what they seek i.e., knowledge.

The system here at primecollege has been devised in a very logical and systematic manner. It provides all the details needed for a student to make their choice over one institution or another. The categories range from Pre-University to Private and Public Universities, the Science University of Malaysia to the Technological University of Malaysia.

The Pre-University section offers essential information about Pre-University education or Matriculation programs in Malaysia.

The sections of Private and Public Universities provides, as the header suggests, fine points and an inventory of a few top Private and Public Universities of Malaysia, the requisites to get into them, the locations of the Universities and the colleges controlled by it, etc.

Requirements for Malaysia's leading University for studying Science, the Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), are provided, including the foundation from which it functions, the courses that it offers, the partnerships that the University has forged with other institutions and other educational aspects that an undergraduate might seek.

Information about the Technological University of Malaysia (UTM), the country's most well known university based on engineering studies can also be found here, including the requisite details of the courses that it offers, the mandatory conditions that need to be fulfilled to get admission, and also a list of colleges that fall under its jurisdiction with their details.